Order Record Keeping


Automated Reporting For Order Record Keeping

With our product ELIN, exchange members ensure their compliance with the rules regarding Order Record Keeping.

ELIN connects order flows using shortcodes that are mapped with long codes, containing extended information about the orders, which are reported to the stock exchanges to comply with RTS24.

ELIN automates the reporting process with the highest demands on data integrity, reliability, and compliance.  Read more

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ELIN offers a variety of powerful features

Safety and traceability

Accurate and traceable reporting to exchanges with advanced support for reconciliation

Stock exchange connections

Finished modules adapted to the respective exchange’s handling of Order Record Keeping

Monitoring and control

Funktionsrik och säker webklient för övervakning och administration

Logs and alarms

Functionality for monitoring and alarm handling provides traceability and controll

Roles and user rights

Support for a role- and user rights-based access; for example for administration, compliance, and customer manager